A Chinese citizen also claimed Satoshi Nakamoto!


Archival records from the US Copyright Office indicate that she, a Chinese citizen living in California, May 24, claimed ownership of the WhitePiper Bitcoin copyright.

According to Cointelgraph, Liu claims in the case that he published WhitePiper Bitcoin under the title “Bitcoin: An Equivalent Electronic Cash System to Peer” on January 11, 2008, under the nickname of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Earlier this month, Craig Wright, who reads himself Satoshi Nakamoto, filed for the United States Patent and Trademark Office to file the original code used to build Bitcoin and filed a petition for his name.

Until the writing of this news, it is not clear who Liv is and what his purpose is from his claim and the filing of the copyright.

In a news release on May 21, it was announced that US authorities had received the necessary proof to Craig Wright of Satoshi Nukamoto. But this news has been confused by some commentators and digital currency activists and is likely to be fake.

Earlier this month, a report by Cointelgraph argued that the copyright of Craig Wright’s lawsuit was in conflict. Jimmy Song, entrepreneur and developer of Bitcoin Core, said:

Instead of proving he is not Satoshi, these documents show that he is a deceit and involved in advertising. We knew this before.

The US copyright office issued a press release on May 22 in light of the rumor caused by Wright’s new claim. The statement said:

As a general rule, when the copyright office receives a request for registration, the claimant is responsible for the accuracy and truth of the statements made in the provided cases. This office does not check the correctness of the statements.

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