Anonymous wealthy buys 25% of the world’s Bitcoins!


According to Cointelegraph on May 30, “Dadiani Syndicate’s digital diving investment firm” has recently hit a wealthy customer intending to buy 25% of the total working queue (4.4 million units) Bitcoin).

“Dadiani Syndicate” is a peer-to-peer network that aims to trade through digital currency between individuals. Last year, the company announced the sale of Andy Warhol’s “80 Electric Chair” with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Dadiani also said that taking one-fourth of the working queens to 17.7 million units will have a huge impact on the market, given the high number of missing bitcoins.

Matthew Greenspan, an analyst at Ituro, said:

Purchased with this volume of purchases will increase prices, making purchases and savings more costly.

He added:

However, most coins are now available to holders who do not intend to sell at any price. If we look realistically, there are probably fewer than 5 million coins currently in circulation.

Since January of this year, bitcoin prices have risen by more than 120 percent, and has risen to $ 9,000 to reach 2019 highs.

At the time of writing this story, Bitcoin will be sold at a price of $ 8513, up 3 percent from the previous day.

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