Apple first took the first step to enter the world of digital currencies


Apple seems to be taking its first steps towards the Bitcoin world and digital currencies soon. According to Forbes, the company recently announced the release of its new operating system, iOS13, that the operating system has a new feature called “cryptographic”, which is a special toolkit for developers.

Apple takes its first step in the world of digital currencies with all the caution and has not tried to use the term “digital currency” or “blockchain”. While Facebook, Samsung and other large companies have been downloading technology cases for some time, they have been deploying and designing and delivering products and services focused on digital currency technology.

Bitcoin prices have fluctuated over the past few weeks. Given the unpleasant experience of falling bitcoin prices in the past, investors are uncertain about the price trend of this digital currency. However, the bitcoin price has more than doubled since the beginning of this year.

apple enter blockchain

Many activists in the digital currency market are hoping that a new wave of interest in bitcoin and digital currencies from major Silicon Valley companies could rebound to $ 20,000 in late 2017.

Bitcoin’s recent rise in prices has created a renewed interest in investors. That said, the sudden drop in Bitcoin price in 2018 has reduced the attention of many of the world’s major companies (from Apple to Twitter).

Apple announces the inclusion of CryptoKit on the iPhone at the Global Developer Conference. In this way, developers can do activities such as creating keys, exchanging them, and encoding on iPhone apps. CryptoKit replaces the previous frameworks, CommonCrypto.

Alehandro Machado, co-founder of the Open House program, said:

Developers can use this tool for the first time to manage user keys on the iPhone, resulting in a high level of security that is similar to the hardware money bundles.

He emphasizes that this framework can bring significant gains for developers.

Apple did not have a positive view of Bitcoin apps and other digital currencies in the past, and even removed Queen’s Mercury app as well as dozens of other apps from AppStore.

Apple, which has always provided a new definition of technology, has easily been viewed by the user as a priority. The company’s move to digital currencies can deliver complex and complex digital currencies with a user-friendly interface to a wide range of users.

Of course, some experts responded very soon to the news of the release of this new framework, saying that this framework is not so important. Ronald Mank, a developer of the blockchain, wrote on Twitter:

Apple already had a cryptographic framework called Comenic Retto, and many Crypto Kit capabilities were available. Cryptokit is a good news for the developers of Swift, but it does not matter to the Ethereum community.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest rivals of the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy, unveiled this year’s latest model, which includes a digital currency wallet.

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