Become an Author

Welcome to the Bitdotcoin. It’s an great opportunity to work with the top class team. We are the first Bitdotcoin offering 100% of author earnings to them.

Yes, You can advertise and earn easily. Every author can publish 3 advertisement banners in their articles. They can set their own price and they can collect directly from the advertisers. No need to pay any commission for us.

Features for Authors:

  • Can Publish 2 banners ads in their every articles.
  • You can use 3rd Party advertisers like coin-ad, a-ads, mellowads etc.,
  • Collect crypto donation from author profile.
  • Become an establish author in crypto community.
  • Able to track the views and clicks of the banner ads.
  • Earn 50% press release referral amount.
  • Publish more and Earn more.

All the articles / news will be stay for lifetime, so make it more and earn more. By publishing more than 100 articles, you will get a dedicated page to showcase you more.


  • Don’t copy and paste other people articles from other websites, because already we have automated bot to do that job, but you can publish your articles even it is already published on other website.
  • Don’t publish more than 3 banner ads in your article.
  • Don’t publish Paid Review / Press Release. (You will get 50% by referring).
  • Don’t publish the content not related to the crypto / blockchain category.

By failing any one of the above will lead to the immediate termination of your account and all your articles will be removed without any notice.

Example Calculation of Earnings:

By publishing 2 articles per day, you published 60 articles per month.

You can sell one ad spot for $30*2 = $60 / month. This is the minimum price and you can maximize the profit by publishing more articles and sharing your articles in social networks.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.