Bitcoin inventor in jail? / International criminality The closest option to real Satoshi!


The talks on one of the most controversial secrets of the 21st century have been resumed with another hypothesis. Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux, co-authored by Paul Weller, the 46-year-old mastermind of the E4M and TrueCrypt encryption software, is likely to use the same cryptographic mechanism that Satoshi used to store 1 million bits of Kevinhas. Paul Leverau is a mastermind of a world of criminals who published a statement similar to White Piper Bitcoin’s text in 1998.

The reasons why Paul Lever can be Satoshi Nakamoto is not just about being one of the text of the statement by Paul Leroy and White Pearl Satoshi Nakamoto. Powell uses Satoshi Nakamoto‘s spelling and grammar. Considering Beatcoin Kyleti’s initial code for playing poker, Powell was also one of the gambling enthusiasts online.

And ultimately, the fact that matters most is Powell in jail since 2012. Perhaps one of the reasons he has not yet been able to spend his bitcoins.

In addition to all this, the documents presented in this article show a strange connection between Craig Wright and Paul Soloutishi. Craig Wright is a controversial figure insisting on his claim, Satoshi Nachamotost, since 2016. Next, let’s look at the documents and documents that could be the reason for Paul Shelley’s late Satoshi Nakamoto.

Let’s start from the beginning

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, as an unidentified and mysterious bitcoin creator, is perhaps one of the most bizarre mysteries of the modern era. With bitcoin raising and rising in price, speculation about who Satoshi could be, and the various theories that tried to identify Identity for the mysterious Beat Kevin creator, were floating on each other.

Various hypotheses and submissions for the title of Satoshi Nakamoto have been raised, and even a person named Craig Wright has shown a strong effort to capture this title so far, a man who is also known for his fake claims of Fetus (Satoshi Falbahi).

But Craig Wright, however, has so much stubbornly insisted on his claim that his work has been dragged into several courts and lawsuits. One of Wright’s main cases, which has been under way for many years, is related to Craig Wright’s Kelman family’s complaint that Craig has stolen some $ 11 billion from the family of bitcoins he owned.

A look at the new Satoshi Negative

The new nominee is Satoshi Nakamoto, Paul Solutzhi Calder Loroux, or Paul Leverau. The 46-year-old man, who was the head of the cartel, drug trafficker, arms broker and late in his criminal activities, was also the spy of the US Anti-Drug Agency (DEA). Another aspect of this person’s personality, which may not be consistent with the features and activities mentioned above, is a computer and programming genius.

Looking at the Powell’s Wikipedia page, he can see his life-changing experience. A man involved in smuggling gold, mining precious metals, planting trees, real estate transactions, drug trafficking, illegal arms purchases, money laundering, assassinations, and the development of cryptographic software.

On the Wikipedia page of Leroy, he is now being held in custody by the United States government for the murder of six people. The channel is based on a detailed account of Paul Lever’s life, his criminals’ activities and how to capture it in the “mastery” podcast series.

Clayman’s family complained of Craig Wright for stealing $ 11bn Bitcoin. Caliman’s family accused Craig Wright of stealing a hard drive, Dave Keliman, a computer scientist and one of Satoshi Nakamoto’s nominees.

Wright and Dave Keliman were business partners until Caliman died in 2013.

The case, which is still pending in the Florida courts, is packed with strange theories, false guidance, fictitious evidence, and groundless claims, most of which were raised by Craig Wright. One of Wright’s weird moves was to propose “supporting intuition” in document 187, which was published last month.

According to Wright, some of the documents confirming Satoshi’s claim that he owns 11 billion beats Kevin, includes sensitive information about his relationship with the perpetrators and Wright’s arrest and imprisonment.

Therefore, Wright’s document 187 was set up to allow Wright’s offenders not to get Craig’s involvement in their arrest and detention until they go to revenge.

Although Craig Wright could not stop the document from being transmitted, and in the footnote of this document, there is a strange name, a boss whose identity is now tied to Satoshi Nakamoto – Paul Leverau.

As noted in the footnote, part of our specified URL link leads to an article from DLM, in which Leroy is described as follows:

A real villain, the Drug and Army Empire, has rolled out four continents and has now become a knowledgeable whistleblower.

The document’s footer also contains a link to the Paul Leroy Wikipedia page. Accordingly, Paul Lever could be one of the potential criminals that Craig Wright fears from his reaction.

With the general release of document 187, Paul Lerot’s Satoshi Nakamoto hypothesis was raised. With this in mind, Craig Wright is likely to have a hard-coded Leroy that holds 1 million bits of Quinn.

But how do these names, Paul Lever, Dave Keliman and Craig Wright, formulate in a controversial theory? What relationship can there be between them?

The footnote to document 187 can be a strong sign that Paul Leverot is one of Craig Wright’s offenders. Because if we combine other information about Leroe’s life with the hypothesis, Wright could have been Leroy’s employee involved in his capture in 2012.

In the sequel, an unidentified user of Reddit claimed that Craig Wright and his old friend, Dave Kelman, had their hands on the encrypted hard drives of Leroy, which contained 1 million bits of Quinn.

Of course there is no luck with Wright, and all Leroy bit queens are encrypted with TrueCrypt software. The developers of this software are anonymous, but the likelihood that TrueCrypt encryption software has been developed by Lero is high.

For years, Wright has been trying to crack the hard disk drive that has been unsuccessful so far. For this reason, it has yet to prove that Satoshi was unsuccessful.

To make the theory more weird, close friend Craig Wright, Calvin Ariy, has been stockpiled with hardware to crack the encrypted hard drive code, which, of course, intends to steal them instead of Mainging farms. Probably the other mineging activities they have had to cover their true intention to make their massive data centers legal and legitimate.

According to these confusing assumptions, perhaps the reason Craig Wright called himself “real Satoshi,” and could legitimately sell them when he managed to crack the hard drive and access to 1 million Bitcoins.

Apart from Craig Wright’s statement and his relationship with Paul Lever, there are many similarities that support this theory and the Satoshi Nachamoto.
1 The nickname is Leroy, “Solutti” is Calder Lorca

One of several passports used by Leroux has the name “Solutti”, which is very similar to Satoshi.

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