Facebook will change the terms for Bitcoin and other digital currencies


These days, digital Facebook digital news is everywhere. According to the Forbes website, Facebook’s digital currency offerings can switch games for digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and other market currencies. A change that will be negative in some way and some will be positive.

In the positive direction, the Facebook movement can encourage investors. We have seen a rise in prices on the market before the currencies came up, so that from the point of view of the changes, coinmarketcap, the weekly prices of digital currencies (June 18th), bitcoin, ripple, ethereum and lighthouse quotes With 15.7, 12.39, 9.22 and 2.62 percent rise in price. Meanwhile, of the top 100 market currencies, 73 digital exchanges have been hit by price rises and 27 currencies have fallen in price.

Jesse Cohen, editor-in-chief of the economics section of the “Investment” website, says:

The increase in Facebook news, despite its introduction date with the introduction of its digital currency project, has caused more attention to the digital currency market. This can be seen as somewhat a factor in the recent rise in the price of bitcoin and other currencies. Every time Facebook or a company as big as Facebook enters this field, it also brings with it greater acceptance by the media as a result of legal and regulatory issues.

Nisa Amoils, of the New York Angels Investment Company in connection with Facebook and entering it into the digital dividend, said:

The introduction and arrival of large companies and companies such as Facebook and Beckett to this market brings an eye on the size of the growing digital currency market.

Bensonoff of the Blockchain Entrepreneurs appraisals positive Facebook and corporate entrances as it strengthens the sense of “staying out of profit” (FOMO).

As Cohen continues to grow, Kuhn says:

In terms of technical and specialized expertise, with the positive news and the growing sense of fear of losing information, prices in the coming weeks may rise to $ 12,000.

Amoils, however, takes a look at more positive things than Cohen, and admits:

Some believe that the price will rise to $ 50,000. Since the price has doubled since April and now stands at $ 9,000, this possibility is likely to be true. It’s hard to say exact price.


From the negative results of Facebook’s entry into the digital currency market, it’s possible to highlight the danger alarm from big states.

Bitcoin and other major digital currencies of the world are “popular currencies.” All of them have the potential to become a free, decentralized, uncontrollable, free government and free.

The same thing can make governments do not look at such currencies, as they threaten the concentration of their power in the financial field and hide their hands for changes made through financial systems. Ultimately, they can also get ways to get rid of digital currencies once and for all.

For this reason, investors must control their passion for such a rise in prices and, consequently, give them stability.

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