FBI police say North Korea is stealing digital currency in response to US sanctions


A senior FBI official said at a conference that US sanctions have prompted North Korea to launch cybercrime attacks to get digital currencies, Cointelegraph reports.

Tonya Ugoretz, vice president of cyber-crime, FBI, announced that financial constraints have pushed North Korean government activists to commit cybercrime.

According to Kevin Telegraph, North Korea has been accused of several cybercrime attacks, including ransomware and digital currency stealing.

The attacks cover a wide range of global attacks, such as the WannaCry ransom attack in 2017, to targeted attacks against currency exchanges in South Korea and neighboring countries.

Deputy FBI said:

“Sanctions have a huge negative economic impact, and the purpose of this cybercrime operation, either through the extraction of digital currencies or through bank robbery, is to raise money,” .

Erin Joe, of the National Intelligence Agency (DNI), said the FBI was focusing on preventing digital cyber attacks.

According to Erin Joo, Korea Herald Network reported:

“At the moment, the FBI and several other government agencies are struggling to find ways to prevent sabotage activities that involve digital currency,” .

The debate about the extension of the use of digital currencies as a weapon to escape political and economic sanctions is still a controversial issue, and of course there are many advocates.

According to some news sources, countries like Venezuela and Russia, both strongly banned from the United States, are trying to use digital currencies in the absence of traditional financial support methods to keep their financial flows alive.

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