How Blockchain Technology Can Prevent Voter Cheating


As a technology, blockchain is growing rapidly and is unparalleled. Although the Internet has long been in use and familiar with other peer-to-peer applications for file sharing, music streaming and more, the idea that these types of networks can provide security and resources is only It started in 2008. Since its inception, blockchain has been more and more linked to the success of technology, Bitcoin. However, in recent years and with its expansion, it has rapidly become a star in itself. With the emergence of the world’s favorite cryptography, awareness of the mysterious and unique technology behind it also grew. Developers who have recognized the value of blockchain are now pushing together to create new variants of it and bring their ideas to the production stage.

Many have found that the core value of blockchain lies in its ability to old systems and improve them. Investor watchers saw the future and potential of this technology from the beginning, as Bitcoin offered a more secure and transparent payment processing and banking solution than the existing solutions. In recent years, these same people have used the most revolutionary chains for far and wide industries, such as cloud storage, smart contracts, crowdfunding and even health care. However, one of the biggest problems Blockchain can solve is voter fraud.

Blockchain is at the service of voters

In its basic form, blockchain is a digital notebook. In fact, this technology derives its power from counterparts or nodes on its network to verify, process and record all transactions in its system. This header is never stored anywhere but in a “chain” that is supported by millions of nodes online and simultaneously. Thanks to encryption and decentralization, the database of blockchain transactions is non-fraudulent and any record is easily verifiable. The network cannot be controlled or destroyed or affected by a party because it does not exist in one place.

It’s not just financial transactions that work with blockchain technology, but any kind of data transfer can work with this technology. This type of system infrastructure is very useful for voting because of its features because voting is a small piece of high value data. By necessity, modern voting systems have changed greatly in the last century, and those who want to vote must leave their homes and hand over ballots to a local authority. Why don’t we do this online? Some people have tried, but believe the results have been proven by security gaps.

Blockchain technology can solve many of the problems found in these early efforts in online voting. Designing a blockchain-based voting system is secure and does not worry about the security of your Internet connection, as any hacker who enters the network and will not be able to affect other nodes with terminal access. With this technology, voters are able to cast their ballots without giving them their identity or giving their political preferences to the public with complete security. After the vote, the authorities can count the votes of the people with complete confidence and without any doubt that they can be assigned one vote, no one can cheat and no fraud is created and manipulated. it’s impossible.

Elections in the 21st Century

Many companies are now trying to bring blockchain to the electorate. One of these companies is the Horizon Government, which has come up with a new and unique solution to answer the question, “If democracy was designed with today’s technology, it would seem?” The company is trying to believe that their first product is the answer. The company is preparing an ICO to launch in October.

A cost-effective and smart solution is Horizon Secure Digital Voting Box for the inherent problems in commonly used voting methods. Voters use decision tokens (HST) to vote through a tablet, mobile phone or PC, which is then inserted into an immutable and secure blockchain and used to verify the election results. There is no mistake, fraud, manipulation, recording error or manipulation. However, rather than voting, this system will only be useful for making decisions in an environment where resources and authority are shared. It also encourages turnout.

Voter apathy and laziness have seen the number of people drop their ballots in recent years, even if this has become more important. By providing an undeniable and easy way to vote by phone or PC, this number and turnout may increase. Even governments have a reason to change the status quo and want to reduce voting costs: While all factors are considered, it currently costs between $ 7 and $ 25.00. A blockchain product like this is priced at just $ 0.50 per vote.

Jimmy Skella, founder of Horizon State, noted: “Democracy is a good opportunity for people to participate in decision-making processes related to common issues that affect us all. Democracy is a good opportunity to reach a consensus on how best to use it. One of our shared resources for achieving the best results for partners, children, colleagues, employees, and compatriots. Where there are shared resources in any collaborative environment, there is no question: we are committed to better decision making tools and processes. We need a better joint. “

A true democracy

Blockchain technology makes it easy and easy to rely on delegates to do this for them, to transform and create a direct democracy, where people can rely on themselves and decide their own policy direction. While the rules and principles of a political election may be changed to create such a transparent and secure system, the blockchain is also ideal for informing business decisions, conducting public hearings, voting, censuses and more.

The applications and uses for blockchain voting software vary. Its ability to participate and manage a constituency is crucial to the future of society and can inspire people, not only to a transparent outcome but also to encourage all people to participate in their communities. At present, the technology is still in its infancy, but it is advancing soon, reaching out to young voters who are helping it someday and appear to be an important part of the future and Be our collective.

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