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What is Banigig and what does it offer?
Banigig was created in 2019, and it is now a very well-known freelance portal.
It is a marketplace, and the services it offers is to either hire freelancers to work for you, or you can get work as a freelancer.
You can find or offer jobs within more or less any topic.
Banigig topics overview
You can find jobs and freelancers for most tasks.
On the image above you can see the main categories, you can find and offer jobs within.

create job offer by skill online and manage money

Each of these categories then has a big number of subcategories.
The Digital Marketing category alone for example has more than 15 subcategories like SEO, email marketing, ads, social media, content writing, and more.

So more or less no matter what you offer or what kind of freelancer you are looking for, it is very likely you can find it on Banigig.
Are Banigig services worth it?
One thing is that Banigig makes it possible for you to find freelancers for almost any task or offer jobs within any topic.

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But does Banigig actually work, and is it worth it?
The short answer for this is – it depends:-) So let’s look at how good an option it is for you as a freelancer, and how good it is for someone looking to hire a freelancer.

Is it worth it for Freelancers?
Banigig can definitely be a wonderful place as a freelancer. Almost no matter your skills, you can offer them here.
It gives you the opportunity to work more on your own terms. However, you just have to be aware that there are of course MANY other freelancers on the portal, so you will not just necessarily make a lot of money right away.
To make a living from it can take hard work. Especially in the beginning until people will start giving you positive reviews and you start getting traction.

I must admit that I have not used Banigig as a freelancer myself.
I prefer making money through affiliate marketing, and have also in the past gotten some great freelancer jobs directly at some online marketing agencies, so I have not had the need or desire to post jobs at Banigig.
But I known several freelancers that are very happy with the opportunities there. Below you can for example see a testimonial from someone I known at the Internet Marketing platform Wealthy Affiliate, who had great success at Banigig.

Banigig freelancer testimonial

Example of a freelancer that had success on Banigig.
So it definitely is possible to make money as a freelancer there. It of course also depends on your skills and effort, but there are opportunities there.

There are many ways you can pay for services on Banigig. You can choose the option most suitable for you.

The following are the payment methods available on Banigig:

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  • Cryptocurrency: This is the most preferred payment option on Banigig. You can make purchases using any major wallet.

    Note: Bitcoin , Ether , Tether , Monero , Litecoin , Dash

Is it worth it as an employer?
I have used Banigig a few times to hire a freelancer myself.
If it is worth it to hire someone there depends a lot on what you are looking for someone to do, and your budget.
Not all freelances are high quality there, and not all types of jobs are good to get done there.
I have myself for example hired someone to help me draw a logo at some point. This was very good and cheap, and I have heard similar experiences from other people about using Banigig to order graphic design.
But I have also heard that you should not necessarily expect great quality in terms of for example content writing, if you are hiring someone on Banigig to write an article for around $5.
So as an employer Banigig definitely has potential – BUT you have to consider a few things before hiring someone there. So let’s go over a few things to help you find the gigs that are worth it.

Tips to find the best Banigig proposal
With so many freelancers at Banigig and so many different tasks they offer, it will not be all that are worth hiring.
If you do not look carefully before getting a task, you can end up wasting money. In some cases the job you asked for can also end up hurting your business, if you are not careful.
So here are a few things to consider before hiring someone on Banigig.

Search for a person you can hire for telework

Choose the right services:
You can find more or less any service on Banigig. There are however some services you have to be extra careful about.
There are certain services I would personally not use from Banigig, and others I would. As already mentioned, I have good experiences with cheap graphic design tasks.
But I would never buy something like for example link building on Banigig. There are many that offer this, and you can get it very cheap.
Banigig link building examples
There are certain tasks you should careful about hiring people for.
As you can see on the image above, you can for example get someone to build 50-80 links to your website for just $5.
Be aware that just because a task is offered on Banigig, does not mean it is a good option. You should simply not expect anyone to be able to build this many links for this low a price using methods that will actually help you.

In the past it could help you to get visibility in the search engines, as long as you got many backlinks. That is not how it works now, and it is all about quality to rank in the search engines.
If you use services like this that are not up-to-date, you risk getting penalized and hurt your own business instead.
So in cases like this, you should be careful, and link building is just one type of task, you have to be extra careful about hiring people to do.
This does not mean that you cannot find any good link builders on Banigig. It just means you have to be careful. Some of the tips below can help you further with this.

Look at reviews:
On Banigig, previous buyers can leave reviews. You can see these reviews before hiring someone.
This can give you a great indication of the level of service within several areas. You can see a rating for how well they communicate, if the service fits what was described, and if it would be someone to recommend to a friend.

Reviewing the ratings and opinions of buyers has a significant impact on its selection

You can see ratings of freelancers before hiring them.
This is a great start, BUT do not look at this alone. It does not necessarily tell the full truth.
Again it depends a lot on the service. If we stick to the link building example, the effect of link building does not necessarily come right away, if it is not legit links.
The people giving positive reviews might just see they got the number of links promised. But if the person itself does not known how to spot if is a good link, that might just be the number he/she is looking at.
That does not tell the full truth, and the negative effect can suddenly hit later.
It is the same with article writing – if the person hiring does not known how to spot high quality, they might not realize how much it can hurt the website in the long run, and therefore give a good review for a poor service.
So the reviews is definitely something to look at before hiring anyone on Banigig, but you should also use your critical thinking and be careful about the services you hire people for.

Find the right price level:
A great thing about Banigig is that you definitely can find great jobs for a low price. BUT you should also be critical and consider your budget.
If you are interested in hiring someone to do link building or writing articles for you, but only want to pay $5, it is in most cases probably better to just not do it.
So for some tasks it can definitely be worth considering hiring someone for a higher price. Other times it is perfectly fine to hire someone for $5-$10. It depends on the person and the task.
Banigig also has a pro option. If you have the budget, it can be a way to ensure high quality.

A freelancer can open a Banigig Pro account, when Banigig has verified they are experienced professionals, with a great track record and high-level deliveries. You can recognize the pro sellers by the badge on their profile.

You can recognize the pro accounts by this badge.
You can definitely find great freelancers that do not have the pro badge. But it can be a way to make sure to get very high quality, if you have the budget.

Is Banigig free to use?
Banigig is free to sign up for, whether you are a freelancer or someone looking to hire a freelancer.
But it has some costs, when you are using it.

Sign up for the site by Google or Facebook

Fees as an employer:
If you a hiring freelancers, there will be a small fee for every job you hire someone to do. You will for example pay $2 service fee per gig for smaller jobs. Other than that, the price you see for the job, is the price you have to pay.

There will be a service fee for every gig you buy.
If you get one of the more expensive gigs, the service fee will also be higher.
Fees for freelancers:
As a freelancer, you have to pay 10% of what you make in commission to Banigig.
This means that if you are offering a gig for $10, you will get $9, and Banigig will get $1. This goes both for pro account and regular accounts


Hiring freelancers can be a great way to scale your business or get things done, you do not known how to do yourself.
And if you want to work as a freelancer, online portals can be a great way to get gigs from all over the world from the comfort of your home.
Banigig is one of the big and well-known portals both for hiring freelancers and offering jobs. It definitely is a legit portal, and it can give you a lot of opportunities.
As someone hiring, you just have to do your research and only hire for jobs that are realistic people can do for your budget. As a freelancer you have to be aware that it will not necessarily be a fast way to a full-time income.
If you are ware of these things, Banigig can be a great option to either hire freelancers or offer freelance jobs.
If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Banigig yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

  1. jaqube says

    To summarize: Upwork is better for finding high-paying, long-term clients, while Banigig is better for offering multiple high-volume, narrow and repeatable services.

  2. Yuang Zin says

    banigig is a better place to start out as a freelance writer because you don’t have to bid for jobs. But the only problem here is that the rates are low. You can hardly bargain with employers. The interface is great and it is easy to use

  3. Simpson.C says

    I think banigig is new generation freelance site

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