The Best ICO advertising offer on the web, for a budget below $5000

✓ Featured & Highlighted ICO – 4 weeks
What: Featured & Highlighted ICO listing on
Minimal results: At least 500 crypto & Finance enthusiasts visiting your ICO Website
Minimal value added: $1237.5 usdDuration: 4 weeks
✓ 10 videos from your blog articles/announcements
What: Videos created by our team from your blog articles, or announcements; these are videos with general informational content. Can be used on your website, landing pages, and social media. They include voiceover and general crypto royalty free images.Minimal results: 157% more visits from Google
88% more time on your website
80% increase in conversion
Minimal value added: $1750 usdDuration: 1 time – 5 business days delivery
✓ Text links – 4 Weeks
What: 2 text links on bitdotco.inMinimal results: At least 1000 Crypto & Finance enthusiasts visiting your website.
Minimal value added: $2475 usdDuration: 4 weeks
✓ Blog post on CCU blog & CCU medium + Promoted 2 times
What: 1 blog post on the CoinCheckup blog and the Medium channel promoted on the Telegram channel & CCU news updates sectionMinimal results: Usually viewed by 2500+ people
Minimal value added: $825 usdDuration: 1 time
✓ 1 Banner – 3 weeks
What: 1 banner on the top or fixed footer position of bitdotco.inMinimal results: At least 1800 visits to your website
Minimal value added: $5049 usdDuration: 3 weeks
✓ Producthunt promotion – Basic
What: We use our marketing specialist team to give you at least 300 upvotes on product hunt.Minimal results: More awareness around your product in the producthunt Crypto group and a viral effect around your ICO project
Minimal value added: $693 usdDuration: 1 time
All of the above for just: $4871 USD


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