Telegram-based wallet called Button Wallet


An application that allows users to save digital currency to telegram users has recently been able to buy a variety of digital currency with the US dollar.

This app is called Button Wallet and will be launched in late 2018 as a messenger-based platform for sending and receiving network and non-payment payments. The platform is also working with Telegram recently, and its manufacturing company has announced that it has 100,000 users, of which 2,000 are active users. Rachel McKerry (Senior Director of Operation Button Walt) says:

In order to gain a decentralized banking market, there should be more users. So it should make it easier for people to make purchases as much as possible.

As a result, the ability to convert Fiat money into digital currency has been implemented in Telegram Messenger. The GlobalCoin project is another similar project, which also deals with Facebook messaging and WhatsApp services. Telegram alone is engaged in the implementation of the so-called Open Telegram Network (TON).

The new Baton Walt’s functionality is the product of the company’s partnership with the Wyre series that deals with payment processing. Jack Jia (Saleswire Sales Manager) says:

Our mission in Wire is helping to reduce the barriers to entry of digital currency platforms, and to do this, we will provide legal access to their fiat money world … To help users familiar with the telegram to buy and maintain digital currency inside This messenger app is a valuable achievement by Button Walt.

Button Walt provides users with a wallet, so they can exchange digital currency and send it (usually in small volumes). The Batton-Walt project started last fall with MIT’s Play Labs, Ethereum Classic Labs, Seraph Group, and several other investors with a capital of $ 470,000. McKerry says most users of this app are in the United States, Britain, Indonesia, Venezuela and Germany. Initially, only US dollars sent through the Electronic Paypal Room (ACH) are accepted for the purchase of a digital currency. The company announced plans to add Fiat currencies to European and Asian countries in the future. Bitcoin, Ether and Dai (DAI) are the only digital currency to be bought with a dollar. However, Batton Walt also offers the possibility of saving other types of digital currency.

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