The American presidential candidate supported digital currencies


He, who has been in Congress for the fourth time and is known as the “King of Snapdragon Congress”, hopes to be able to bring fans of this area and the new generation of Americans with this move.

He is the founder of the Future Association in the US Democratic Party. This community is working on opportunities and challenges for the youth.

The Quartet collaborates with an active company in the field, White Company, to provide the necessary infrastructure to receive financial support in the form of digital currencies. The controversy said:

If the Blockchain is allowed to operate freely, it can change the world. A large part of our social life goes online and there is no reason to prevent it from entering our democracy and our economy, from our voting rights to our kind of attitude to digital currencies.

The White Company is committed to implementing the policies of the controversial campaign, Stablecoins, Wallet, Digital Currency Exchange, Procurement Shopping System, MasterCard, Visa Support, or Access to Digital Currencies and Currencies, and Supports Support It has ten different types of currencies.

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