Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies Rated


This article is the result of a comprehensive analysis to identify the top 10 Blockchain companies in 2019. Throughout the research, top blockchain anchors have been used and their ability to deliver. They have reviewed portfolios of blockchain projects, reviewed their online presence, including social media profiles, and reviewed top and top analytics portals.

What to Look for in Choosing the Best Blockchain Programmers

Here’s a quick checklist of things to keep in mind when selecting a top blockchain expert for your project:

  • The number, quality and variety of blockchain projects. A good number of different blockchain quality studies on the company website is a sign that the team can live up to its promise.
  • The larger the team size, the greater the flexibility and flexibility. If the team size is too small, there is a greater risk that your project may not be delivered on time.
  • Years in the market. The longer the company is involved, the better. If a company is newly established, there is a much higher risk that it could go bankrupt.
  • Online presence. Honorable companies are usually active on social media and corporate blogs. Regular updates and loyal large audiences are a good sign.
  • Customer testimonials. Positive reviews on reputable portals show that the company values ​​its customers and offers high quality products.

Create spreadsheets by the criteria above and come up with the following formula for ranking the best blockchain development companies:



  • C = Year Founded
  • E = LinkedIn Size Rank (7 points for 1000+, 6 points for 500+, 5 points for 200+, 4 points for 100+, 3 points for 50-99, 1 point for 20-49, -1 (negative one) point for 1-19.
  • G = LinkedIn Followers Rank (25 points for 30k+, 20 points for 20k+, 15 points for 5000+, 12 points for 2000+, 10 points for 1000+, 5 points for 500+, 2 points for 200+, 1 point for 100+, 0 (zero) points for 0-99
  • J = Clutch Reviews Rank (5 points for 10+, 4 points for 5-10, 3 points for 2-4, 1 point for 1, 0 points for no reviews)
  • K = Number of blockchain case studies on company’s website

Now let’s take a look at the top 10 Blockchain Development companies worldwide. I hope this list helps you find not only a blockchain developer, but also a long-term reliable partner for your next blockchain project.

1. ConsenSys


ConsenSys was formed in 2015 and has since become a trusted global partner for Blockchain development services. ConsenSys is an enterprise production studio focused on building and scaling tools, disruptive startups, core integration components, B2C DApps and enterprise software products with decentralized technology and focuses more on Ethereum development. The blockchain company was founded by a Canadian entrepreneur, Joseph Lobin, co-founder of Ethereum.

Services provided: Blockchain Use Case & Technology Development, Custom Blockchain Development Services, Token Development, Venture Development.

Founded in:2015

Offices: San Francisco, Austin, New York, Boston, Berlin, Brisbane, Bucharest, London, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Toronto.

Company Size: 250–999

Min. project size: $1,000+

Avg. hourly rate: $150— $200 / hr

Major Clients: P&G, Microsoft, WWF, Unionbank

Developed Projects: DLT-based Wholesale Payments System, Hardware and Software for Secure Ethereum-enabled Gateway and IoT Project, Dynamic Legal Agreements Software, Community-owned Journalism Network.

2. PixelPlex


PixelPlex combines its extensive business experience with superior technical expertise in the use of blockchain solutions. The company focuses on cryptographic exchanges, mobile and web wallets, browsers, browser extensions, and DApps, as well as consensus design and integration of virtual machines. The company has more than 80 blockchain developers and has delivered over 50 blockchain projects.

Services provided: Custom Blockchain Solutions Development, Blockchain Consulting, Blockchain Ecosystems Development, Private & Public Blockchain and Exchange Development, Blockchain Platforms Development, DApps Development & Audit, DApp Platform Development, Cryptocurrency Wallets & ICO Development, Smart Contracts, Web Development, AR/VR/Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT Applications, Game Development, Mobile App Development: Android, iOS, Cross-Platform.

Founded in:2007

Offices: New York City, NY; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Seoul, Korea; Minsk, Belarus

Company Size: 50–249

Min. project size: $25,000+

Avg. hourly rate: $50 — $99 / hr


Major Clients: Microsoft, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Oracle, Kazakhtelecom, QTUM

Developed Projects: Blockchain Platform and Cryptocurrency Development, Platform Development for Asset Tokenization Company, Web Development and Design for P2P Betting Platform, Blockchain Development for E-Sports Web Platform, Smart Contract Consultation & Dev for Crowdfunding Startup, Custom App & Web Dev for Media Content Studio, and others.

3. LimeChain


LimeChain specializes in blockchain consulting and development. They offer both private and public blockchain development, blockchain audit, smart contract development. Blockchain Development Company claims to be developing blockchain solutions rather than blockchain promises.

Services provided: Public & Private Blockchain Development, Custom Blockchain Development, Decentralized Applications Consulting, Smart Contract Development, Smart Contract Audits & Consulting, ICO and Crowd Sale Services, ICO Consulting.

Founded in:2017

Office: Sofia, Bulgaria

Company Size: 10–49

Min. project size: $5,000+

Avg. hourly rate: Undisclosed


Major Clients: ARXUM, Vaultitude

Developed Projects: Blockchain Development for Software Company, Custom Blockchain Development for Scientific Research Startup, Blockchain Development for Property Protection Company, and many other significant contributions to Blockchain technology.

4. Accubits


Accubits is an innovative solutions and AI development company based in Washington, DC. The company’s expertise in blockchain technologies includes solutions such as smart business contracts, automated lottery systems, customer loyalty and reward systems, and real estate contract management systems. Accubits operating systems include Bigchain DB, Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain.

Services provided: DApps and Smart Contracts Development, Custom Blockchain Development, Crypto Token and Exchange Development, Integrated Blockchain Services and ICO Platforms Development, Applications Development, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Solutions

Founded in:2012

Offices: Vienna, VA, USA; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Kerala, India

Company Size: 50–249

Min. project size: $5,000+

Avg. hourly rate: < $25 / hr


Major Clients: Dubai Land Department, Smart Dubai, Dubai Police, Eduvalue, Etisalat, Landmark, APN health, Ausfinex, Monger

Developed Projects: Outsourced Blockchain Dev for IT Company, Land Registry on Blockchain, ICO platform, Dubai Based Crypto Asset Exchange Platform, Tech Infrastructure for Fintech Company, and some other projects.

5. SoluLab

SoluLab is a leading software development company specializing in corporate blockchain platform and DApp development. Their specialized services help innovators and companies transform raw ideas into advanced solutions.

Services provided: Hyperledger Blockchain Development, Blockchain Smart Contracts Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, ICO and Cryptocurrency Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange, STO Development, DApps Development, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, Mobile Application Designing, Web Development, Web Design, Wearables App Development, Custom Software Development, SaaS Development & Maintenance.

Founded in:2014

Offices: Los Angeles, USA, New York, USA, Gujarat, India, Ajman, UAE

Company Size: 50–249

Min. project size: $5,000+

Avg. hourly rate: $25 — $49 / hr


Major Clients: Mistress Inc., EntreBahn, Versafit, Clean Router, EduWorlds, MaccaStudios

Developed Projects: Blockchain Platform for Mortgage, Blockchain Platform for Entertainment & Media, Blockchain Platform for Clinical Trials Data, Blockchain-Powered Framework for EMR, Digital Platform for Cryptocurrency Crowdsale, Blockchain Platform for Drug Supply Chain, ICO and Crypto Native Wallet.

6. Codezeros


Codezeros is a blockchain development company from India. The industries they have developed include finance, healthcare, policy and supply chain management. Codezeros is built on a hyperlink framework: Fabric, Burrow, Iroha, Sawtooth, Indy.

Services provided: ICO, Custom Blockchain Development Services, Crypto Wallet & Cryptocurrency Development, Blockchain Consulting.

Founded in:2015

Offices: Ahmedabad, India; Tallassee, AL; Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Company Size: 10–49

Min. project size: $25,000+

Avg. hourly rate: $50 — $99 / hr


Major Clients: Dove, Cryptex, Rewatt, Authentic Heroes

Developed Projects: Visual Design for Blockchain Analytics Firm, Analytics Platform Built on Blockchain Technology, Asset-Based Token, Cryptocurrency Wallet Designed for Traders, Dapp Based on the Concept of Decentralized Internet for Everyone, Cryptocurrency Wallet Designed for Users to Buy/Sell/Trade Cryptocurrency and Even Use It to Pay Bills, and others.

7. ArcTouch


ArcTouch is a San Francisco application developer. ArcTouch helps companies change their business processes through decentralized blockchain and linker technology. It helps businesses with blockchain strategies, architecture, design and development of indirect proof-of-work applications for leading blockchain platforms including Ethereum, Stellar and Hyperledger.

Services provided: Blockchain Development Services, DApps, Smart Contracts, Alexa Development, Bots, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Cross-platform mobile development, Xamarin, IoT, AI, AR Development.

Founded in:2008

Offices: San Francisco, New York, Brasil

Company Size: 50–249

Min. project size: $25,000+

Avg. hourly rate: $100 — $149 / hr


Major Clients: Walmart, Audi, 3M, Levi’s, CBS, Guess, Salesforce, EmployBridge, Hawaiian Airlines, HP

Developed Projects: App Design for Gold Supply Chain Company, Mobile App Dev for Supply Chain Industry Staffing Agency, iOS Mobile App Dev for Private Jet Service, UI Mobile App Design for Cyber Security Platform.


Unicsoft specializes in emerging technology. They offer products and software that are growing using Blockchain and AI for new companies and startups. The team assesses the relationship and personal approach with each of their clients. Their goal is to become your trusted partner and to help businesses lead the digital transformation of the world.

Services provided: Pre-ICO & ICO Consulting, Blockchain Software Development: Supply Chain Management, Tokenization, Wallets, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, Hyperledger, Parity, Solidity, MultiChain, Ethereum, Geth, R&D, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Predictive Analytics, Web and Mobile Development.

Founded in:2005

Offices: Kiev, Ukraine; Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom; Soquel, CA, USA

Company Size: 50–249

Min. project size: $5,000+

Avg. hourly rate: $50 — $99 / hr


Major Clients: Hoodifood, Executive Eye, Goforit, Security Dam, Intellica Group, Forte Web Properties, SOSsitter, SeniorDev, Kokoro, TestMax, Digbee, NDCRx

Developed Projects: Blockchain IoT Distributed Ledger, Utility for Cryptocurrency Project, iOS & Android App Dev for Network Security Company, B2C Portal for Software Development Firm, and others.

9. IBM iX


IBM is among the largest IT companies in the world and offers a wide range of hardware, software and services. IBM iX is an IBM division and a technology company that brings innovative and progressive ideas using IBM Design Thinking.

Services provided: Custom Blockchain Development, Cloud Consulting & SI, Cybersecurity, IT Strategy Consulting, Design, Experience, Strategy, Digital Transformation, Consulting, Digital Reinvention, Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Experience Design

Founded in:2009

Offices: Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, Cambridge, Chicago, Columbus, New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC

Company Size: 1,000–9,999

Min. project size: $5,000+

Avg. hourly rate: $300 — $350 / hrWebsite

Major Clients: KLM, Toronto Raptors, Wimbledon, Turkcell, Mercedes-Benz, Follett, Knorr, FOX Sports, Dubai Health Authority.

Developed Projects: IBM Blockchain Platform, Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project, Media Transaction Tracker Powered by Blockchain, Blockchain Solution for Global Logistics, Blockchain Development Project for Tracking and Tracing Cargo Supply Chain, Hyperledger Jewelry Supply Chain Project, Insured Cryptocurrency Development, Application for Processing Insurance Claims, and many other projects.

10. Bitfury


Bitfury is a leader in the development of complete blockchain services and one of the largest private infrastructure providers in the Blockchain ecosystem. Bitfury develops and provides software and hardware solutions for businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals to secure assets in Blockchain. Bitfury expertise ensures a successful, easy, fast, secure and cost-effective connection to Blockchain. They employ a global team specializing in technology, business, communications, security and civil society. The mission of the blockchain company is to create and drive Blockchain applications that further drive innovation and advance the economy of peers and the object economy.

Services provided: Custom Blockchain Software Development, Blockchain Hardware Development.

Founded in:2012Offices: North-Holland, Amsterdam; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Washington, DC; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Hong Kong, China; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Moscow, Russia; London, United Kingdom

Company Size: 50–249

Min. project size: $1,000+

Avg. hourly rate: $50 — $99/hr


Major Clients: Undisclosed

Developed Projects: Extensible Framework for Blockchain Projects, Web-Based Software for Financial Institutions and Law Enforcement to Manage Blockchain Investigations, Second-Layer Protocol Built on Top of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

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