Top token for invest on 2020

54,589 (EUM) – (

Walleteum is a futuristic crypto platform that is all set to herald a trading revolution. The Walleteum offers users a variety of features not afforded by other wallets, leveraging the unique capabilities of the Walleteum platform. Mobile support is a priority for Walleteum so that consumers can have access to their coins wherever they go.

Xinfin (XDCE) – (

Xinfin represents world’s very first hybrid blockchain platform which is an exclusive combination of the best of both public & private blockchain technologies. It’s an enterprise-grade blockchain platform dedicated to global trade & finance. More precisely,  the XDCE token is aimed to lessen the deficit in global infrastructure by reducing inefficiencies in worldwide trade & finance with the power of blockchain.

Ethereum (ETH) – (

Do you know ETH’s price will ride over Bitcoin by the last quarter of this month? Yes, and by mid-2019, Ether’s price will peak to a whooping $1,000. As per the experts, by 2042, Ether’s value will be more than $100,000! ETH is extremely user-friendly, trustworthy and allows instant trading. It is also flexible to use modern innovative tools to enhance the user experience a notch higher.

The Currency Analytics ( TCAT ) – (

TCAT is all set to free the crypto media world from the claws of misleading news reports. Governed by the cutting-edge REAL protocol, the token is aimed to produce only the real-time news based on true facts and penned by ethical, impartial and seasoned journalists. It also assures attributive news reports where all facts are checked before publishing.

FinanceX (FNX) – (

The ground-breaking crypto platform represents the first exchange in the crypto scene that allows users to trade in local fiat currencies. With FNX, traders will be able to sell, buy as well as manage different digital assets in their local fiat currency and that too at an extremely low trading fee.

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