How Register a blockchain company?


First of all, we need to understand the blockchain company, blockchain, originally from the computer field, its broad definition is: use blockchain data structure to verify and store data, use distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and Update data, use cryptography to secure data transfer and access, and use a smart contract of automated script code to program and manipulate data, a new way of distributing infrastructure and computing.

From a definition point of view, blockchain technology is profound, as long as the application of this technology, you can have a deeper understanding of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can also be widely used: smart contracts, securities trading, e-commerce, Internet of Things, community communications, file storage, presence certificates, authentication, equity crowdfunding, etc.

Excluding the application of information technology, the rest are related to the financial industry. The most common application function of offshore companies is the financial sector (especially involving company equity and earnings). Therefore, it is not surprising that blockchains are combined with offshore companies.

For companies with blockchain business, almost all offshore companies such as Sweden, BVI, and Singapore are openly registered, and mainland countries such as Russia are actively enacting legislation for blockchain companies, which explicitly allow offshore companies to trade.

We have also collected a directory of friendly countries for registered blockchain companies: Malta, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Belarus, Estonia, South Africa, Denmark, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

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