What skills do we need to learn in the new century?


The digital world is a new application of one’s business skills – for example, the demand for audio files is increasing. In the past, it was a skill used in the radio industry and today it is used to produce podcasts, digital advertising, and various audio files.

Here’s the hard-working organization needed in 2019:

1.cloud computing

Do you know about cloud computing and networking? Know about Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers? What about architects? What do you know about advanced security? The world is going cloudy, and organizations are looking for engineers whose job skills meet that need.

2.Artificial Intelligence

Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Classified Modeling. In a nutshell, it’s the age of artificial intelligence. Hurry.

3.Analytical reasoning

Decision making, strategy for decision making, … Are these words familiar to you? The more data we collect than ever before, the more organizations are looking for professionals whose job skills are to make smart and fundamental decisions.

4.Managing people

Employee motivation and motivation, conflict management in the team, purposeful leadership. In a nutshell, human resource management is vital today. The world has gone out of control and now requires leaders to lead and strengthen, a tough job that few skilled professionals have.

  1. UX design

What do you know about multi-device design? How does UX research for agile teams evolve? UX design or user experience is the key to working in the digital world for mankind.

  1. Mobile application development

UI, iOS, web content, and a world of expertise you should be familiar with. This job skill has been in the hands of organizations for many years, moving to design mobile platforms.

  1. Video production

Do you have the art of editing and photography? Can you generate some content on the web? The demand for video production nowadays accounts for 5% of internet traffic, so ask yourself do you find such a skill in your career? You can also refer to the field of computer engineering for an introduction to this field.

Next Top Hardware Skills Priorities

After the first seven job skills, it is time for the other skills;

8. Sales leadership

Sales coaching, sales management, sales data management are familiar terms. Selling is one of the skills that is always hot in the market and superb sales leaders are becoming scarcer every day. Sales and marketing are the special skills of this era.

9. Translation

Have you thought about the connection between nations and their different cultures? Do you have an intercultural intelligence? What is your strategy for printing and producing multilingual content? Thanks to the Internet and cyberspace today, we are increasingly connected, with the job of translating and translating language skills.
Borders can be broken and this old obstacle can be removed: language.

 10. Audio production

Certainly familiar with the word digital audio and audio recording, today’s media producers have new tricks. Similar to video, there is a strange tendency for podcasting and audio format information on the Internet. You’re thinking about job skills.

 11. Mother tongue processing

Artificial Intelligence and Processor Machines, Microsoft Robot Framework, NLP Language alongside Python for Machine Learning. Making the house lights up for shopping and bigger things. This technology works with sound. This job skill is very much in use today.

12. Scientific calculation

Software such as MATLAB, Scala, and a new term, data science, have been heard. Scientific computing is used to solve problems on a mass scale – every organization needs this skill to collect more data.

Graphics and content hardware skills:

 13.Game Development

From the old two-dimensional games to the three-dimensional games written in languages ​​like C #, and this recreation of designers and coders, it has now become a global business that does not require a foreign language. It has no age and scientific limitations and has attracted everyone. A better experience for digital users, and certainly a career in developing virtual online games for any manager.

 14.Online marketing

One of the main methods of marketing with other businesses is marketing in cyberspace including Instagram and working with CRM is the main organizational marketing skill. These popular virtual spaces and the need for digital connectivity are a new platform
Who wants their job.

 15. Animation

Have you seen the wonderful movies and animations of the 9th century? Along with more fascinating illustrations of the story, such as Avatar or Insight … with the tools of Jasper and Maya .. What a world to create. Do you find such a skill in yourself? Video traffic and animated images of the web world are booming today. Hurry!

16.Business analysis

In today’s fast-paced and agile world, not only the power of analysis but also the familiarity with digital business analytics is a skill and a competitive advantage. Data-driven decision-making is what companies are looking for, and an analyst can guide them in their strategic investments.

 17. journalism

Writing is not meant yesterday. It means creating content today more than anything else. Ninja writing is the best way to show the meaning of the word. Forgotten Power Storytelling Yesterday is the job skill you need today. Word marketing is the core strength of an organization, something that is heard in the form of word of mouth marketing. Every organization, every product, a story and every employee a storyteller.

Seven more skills in the hardware year:

Finally, these seven job skills were applied for in the year 2019;

18.Digital Marketing

We’ve heard time and again from marketing tips on how to market and identify a brand, the enormous costs that every organization has to spend on introducing itself to this messy world.
 A growth hack phrase we face daily. With the incredible growth of the digital world, it is no surprise that digital marketing is a popular business skill.

19.Industrial Design

AutoCAD, the popular software in architecture and design, has now come up with modern industrial designs to show us a great example of a small sample. This mental and training capability is something that is considered the job skill of any organization.

20.Competitive strategy

In the fast-paced world, every organization is facing a fast-paced virtual competition and wants people to help it. People whose job skills are defined by market research and development, they know competitive strategy and are unique in discovering customer needs.

21.Customer service systems

Every organization is full of line-up, angry, out-of-date clients, but is it always the customer? Although we say the customer is right, how much do we consider a customer’s right in the goods and services offered? Retailers reach out to customers and try to fit exactly
The community needs to move on or at least build. In a world that can be upgraded or downgraded with a tweet, it is an advantage to have the right workforce with the right attitude and customer needs.

22.Testing software

Anytime you go to your mobile phone! Take a look at the number of installed software, this volume of software is certainly not without fault. Entering software to compete with more powerful and popular software should be something new. Every route requires knowledge and someone who knows how to work with software and how the alpha and beta versions get their way quickly has the right job skills.

23.Data science

Excel, while also showing you a world of information that can be transformed by coding, data science, and data engineering tools, has paved the way for mankind.
The job skill demanded by this new wave, the one with the right orientation, is undoubtedly unique.

24. Computer Graphics

We talk about AutoCAD, 3D modeling, and a lot of software that illustrates the feeling and space of the space in front of us. A customizable part of the digital world that has gone from two dimensions to three dimensions
 Organizations are looking for someone who knows this transition, whose job skills can be interpreted as a good graphic designer.

25.Organizational communication

We used to know it in public relations before, but now it has more than just a head and tongue! Knowing cyberspace, the common mistakes in communications globally, his job skills are summarized in managing the organization’s difficult situations.

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