Which are the Top 6 Blockchain Based Platforms for Online Gambling?


The world’s online gambling industry is projected to grow from $ 50 billion in 2018 to $ 81.71 billion in 2022. The gambling industry is huge but certainly not perfect and has some drawbacks. Up to 1.4 million fake websites are created each month. And, as you might have guessed, anonymous players are the primary target of these ectopic elements to wear on their heads. For such a large industry, the lack of transparency is very sad to know about sites that are reputable and trustworthy.

At present, most online casinos are struggling and expecting gamblers to trust them to be fair. But if you’ve played on these sites as well, you’ll probably notice at the end of the day that some of these sites intentionally hide their data, including game results, winnings, payouts and more, or sometimes They cheat in favor of the site. You will see that the site always wins.

But with the help of technology there is good news! Blockchain technology can revolutionize the online gambling industry and restore trust and transparency to gamblers. Essentially, blockchain-based online gambling sites are completely decentralized and free from third-party intrusion and cannot cheat. With the help of this technology, intermediaries intervene in smart contracts, and any manipulation in favor of the site goes to zero. And even better, players do not have to worry about a site preventing them from winning and losing them.

Here’s a look at some of the best blockchain casinos.


At the top of the list is Cashbet – a platform built and designed for i-Gaming operators. In fact, Cashbet’s goal is to give developers the opportunity to create and manage their own collection based i-Gaming business. By focusing on real money, social skills and skill games, Cashbet is doing its best to make sure players are swell time. In this platform you can create your own site and of course with some of the best games available. In their case, you can access the platform library and choose from hundreds of Flash, HTML5 and iOS games. Of course, we’re talking about popular casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, bingo and more.

The Cashbet platform also gives you confidence and transparency. What seems unlikely to be found in some traditional online casinos. So basically, running a casino on this platform allows players to know just about everything that happens without compromise. In essence, they will be visible both through their information and through trading on the site. With flexible currency options, minimal transaction costs and instant payment, the gameplay progress will undoubtedly improve significantly.


SP8DE is another decentralized operating system designed for DApps games. Basically, this platform is made for the creators of casino games. Yes, its concept is quite similar to Cashbet. In most cases, this platform aims to create less than one associated online gambling. In other words, Sp8de seeks to create an environment that does not need to be trusted. In principle, it would be a good place to play blockchain gambling and even better, the costs would be great. As a developer, you can get involved with SP8DE and start making online gambling pendants that you surely love. Of course, with this platform, players no longer have to worry about problems such as anonymity, ancient processing, or accidentally generated overseas. After all, Sp8de can handle thousands of transactions at a time. And let’s not forget, the SP8DE works on the Cardano home screen. So basically, this operation will be distrustful and casino games are less susceptible to hacking. All in all, a promising platform that is well worth the search.


Enter Online Gamblers Here – Here’s a Platform Made for You! LetBet is quite similar to traditional online casinos but of course there is a difference; it runs on blockchain and is more secure. So, on this platform, players can quickly enjoy integrated games. Speaking of games, you’ll be glad to hear that each one is written with a smart contract. In other words, No one will control the game. As a player on LetBet, you only have to choose the game you want and activate your wallet. From here, you can deposit money, play for hours, and anonymously win money if you win games! Integrated and perfect!


Do you have an authorized online gambling company? Do you want to integrate blockchain into your site? If so, we think you should use TruePlay! TruePlay is neither a gambling provider nor a casino operator. It’s just to provide software solutions for the online gambling industry and help them. For the most part, TruePlay seeks to address challenges such as low transaction speeds, manipulation of game results, and payment delays, and fixes these issues. In short, it aims to create transparency and integrity in the field of online gambling and its games.

Using TruePlay in combination, gamblers can join casinos and look forward to the experience of a smooth, fair and cheat-free game. And in the case of operators, they must handle their job with ease, honesty and peace of mind. Overall, a groundbreaking platform that will surely transform the online gambling community. Just know, even if we talk, the sale of private signs is clear. Make sure you join if this project looks promising and good to you.


Ultimately, TrueGame is a blockchain-based online gambling hangout that delivers exactly what gamblers want. In essence, this platform offers its users and openers a fair chance and transparency. Using this system seems to restore the confidence of the lost player. As you might expect, TrueGame uses smart contracts to ensure random number generation. And also, the results of each game are open to all users; there is no worry about fraud.

 TrueGame is fully functional with promising and cheat-free games such as scratch cards, popular lotteries and prize draws. TrueGame, of course, is just as transparent. Players can always easily To take their profits without being recognized. In short, this platform is looking to launch other games including slots, smart roulette, dice and more for gambling sites. Trust us, you will not be mistaken to join this i-Gaming operating system and be a pioneer for what comes next.

Alpha Casino

So much more than just an online casino, Alpha stakes its claim as the most secure online casino using the Provably Fair algorithm to ensure you enjoy the very best in responsible gaming, fair play safety, and service. Alpha is also about bringing you the thrills with an enormous collection of games such as the Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, Dice, Table Games, Big Jackpot slots, and Sports Wagering. Here, you will discover a one-of-a-kind world of cryptocurrency gambling.

Behind the swing, sophistication, luxury and style offered is the devotion to you – making the personal online casino and sports wagering experience a thrilling one for you. Alpha Casino rewards you with a sign-up bonus so you can start winning. Our referral program ensures you win whether you are experienced or just starting. All these with the confidence of gambling with Provably Fair, you can now confirm the outcomes are fair and correct.


Following the widespread development of some industries in recent years, it has been recognized that blockchain technology is once again excellent for the online gambling industry and is making its progress. Basically, gamblers can now play their favorite games with complete confidence and know that everything will be fair. Perhaps another highlight of this blockchain is that games can work seamlessly regardless of the number of users and transactions, and there is no disruption to their performance due to high congestion. Blockchain technology can advance the online gambling industry in many ways and help it grow in the future.

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