Why “Vanuatu” is Important place for travel by Digital Currency؟


“crypto-currency exists in a fully traceable ledger, where the entire history of its creation and trading is visible.” — — James Harris, Managing Director, Vanuatu Information Center

Vanuatu has a population of about 286,000 residents, and is composed of 82 relatively small islands in the south Pacific, nestled between Australia and Fiji. The 810-mile (1,300 kilometer) archipelago has 65 inhabited islands among eight active volcanoes. The country has its own money, the Vatu, but is relatively poor with few natural resources. The country’s primary industry is fishing. Roughly one-third of the residents speak English, an official language of the country along with Bislama and French.

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Vanuatu is the first sovereign nation to accept bitcoins in return for granting citizenship through its DSP Citizenship Program. The Chairman of the Vanuatu Information Center (VIC) – which oversees Vanuatu citizenship applications –  Geoffrey Bond, had sent an official request earlier this month seeking permission to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Andrew Solomon Napuat MP, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, affirmed the decision last week.

Obtaining economic citizenship of Vanuatu for bitcoins, you can enjoy a stay in the new homeland, swimming in the panoramic pool

Thus, an innovative approach to making payments under the Vanuatu economic citizenship program using Bitcoin will allow for further tightening of the processes associated with the screening of unreliable candidates. At the same time, this initiative will provide investors with great flexibility – a much-needed quality in a world where international financial transactions are becoming increasingly complex.
Bitcoin’s Fastest Second Citizenship for Bitcoin – Advantages and Disadvantages

To help readers make the most informed decision about the feasibility of obtaining Vanuatu’s economic citizenship for bitcoins, we analyze all the most relevant advantages and disadvantages of owning a second passport in this country.
Bitcoin’s Fastest Second Citizenship for Bitcoin – Advantages and Disadvantages: Frequent Natural Disasters

Immediately, we note that the Vanuatu archipelago of the South Pacific, consisting of about 8 dozen islands, is not the best place for permanent residence and work (including remote) due to periodic eruptions of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Like investing in cryptocurrencies, tropical life in Vanuatu is fraught with certain risks. So, at the beginning of this month, residents and guests of a tropical country had to urgently evacuate. The evacuation affected the northern island of Amba, where the volcano Manaro Vui intensified, starting to rumble, spew steam and throw stones into the air.

Nevertheless, many resorts in Vanuatu can pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated travelers. This place is perfect for a quality short break. At the same time, the passport of the Pacific country is a rather useful tool for international businessmen and active travelers.
Bitcoin’s Fastest Second Citizenship for Bitcoin – Advantages and Disadvantages: Great Help for Travel Lovers

Vanuatu passport is in the top 40 of the “strongest” passports in the world in terms of lifting visa restrictions during international travel. Read more “Visa-free countries for Vanuatu citizens in 2016. Information for those who know which country is the fastest to obtain a second citizenship.”

In particular, with the help of a Vanuatu passport, it is possible to visit the territory of all the signatory countries of the Schengen Agreement and the EU member states without advance entry visas. This document also allows you to visit the UK without visas and apply for Australian tourist visas in a simplified manner.

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